What is the purpose of WeStartChurches.com?

Our goal is to multiply our church planting efforts across the United States. We help recruit, train, coach and resource church planters.

Do you only plant churches in Oklahoma?

No. We want to support churches all across the country.

While Oklahoma is where several of us live, and we consider this to be our Judea (Acts 1:8) – we also have strong support from some churches in other areas.

While we are willing to plant anywhere, currently, our strongest networks to support new churches would be in Oklahoma and Arizona, and the states surrounding them.

If you have a desire to plant elsewhere, just reach out to us and lets start a discussion.

Who sponsors WeStartChurches.com?

WeStartChurches.com is a ministry of the Mission Board for the Oklahoma State Association of Free Will Baptists.

Who are Free Will Baptists?

Free Will Baptists are the largest Arminian Baptist denomination in the country. Historically, we’ve united around the theology of “Free will, free grace, free salvation” – that Christ died for all, that men are free moral agents to choose or reject Christ, and because of this, we’re responsible to take the gospel of Jesus to every part and people group on the planet.

Do you only work with Free Will Baptists?

We want to help expand the Kingdom in whatever way we can. With respect to financial support, we only pour money into church plants and planters that align with us associationally.

However, we do support and encourage all evangelical church planting efforts. We want to build relationships with outside planting groups and planters who have similar goals.

We also have a broad network. Even if we are not a fit for you, we can probably help you find a movement that would be a better tribe for you to align with.